Self     Defense  Awareness

Self    Defense Awareness

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Upcoming Events

Coming Soon...we will be launching our Fundraising Programs. You can earn up to 30%-40% profits selling our products for yourself, your organization or fundraising events. 

April 2020 - 11th Annual Golden Luncheon 

We will be showcasing our products at the 11th Annual Golden Luncheon hosted by State Rep Jake Wheatley Jr., and "The People's Office" on Thursday, April 2, 2020, from 10 am - 2 pm. Rivers Casino Event Center, 777 Casino Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15212. To Attend the Luncheon reservations are required. Contact "The Peoples Office" at 412-471-7760 or [email protected]

June 2020 - National Safety Awareness Month

In June, the NSC is observing National Safety Month – an entire 30 days dedicated to learning how to stay safe and decreasing risks of injuries. Families, schools, employers, and other groups can get materials from the NSC website and can participate in suggested activities to learn and spread awareness.

September 2020 - Realtor Safety Awareness Month

Meeting strangers and being alone with them is central to working as a real estate agent. While threats and attacks against realtors are rare, they do happen. Realtor personal safety is a major factor in how they conduct business. Safety has become a far greater industry-wide priority since the 2014 murder of Arkansas agent Beverly Carter, who was kidnapped and killed by a couple masquerading as buyers. Agents often carry weapons for self-defense, use safety apps on smartphones, and meet clients only in neutral locations to mitigate dangers, industry experts said. 

January 2021 - National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month 

January is National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month. In many situations, knowing how to defend yourself is your best chance against a bad situation. Self-defense can be physical, but it's also mental.  Don’t be a soft target The most proactive way to defend yourself against attack is to reduce your risk altogether. Criminals look for “soft targets,” who seem like they’d be less likely to put up a fight. National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month is dedicated to educate citizens, about self-defense options that could save their lives. Self defense will reduce the risks of being a victim and will give enough time for people to get away safely from a dangerous situation.

Stay connected to, a wholesale and retail source for self defense awareness products and fundraising programs for various events. We will keep you updated on various training programs, conferences and fund-raising events including walks and races. For more details about what’s coming up next, please give us a call at 440-336-4684 or email [email protected]