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Defense Awareness

Causes WE Support is wholeheartedly dedicated to raising consciousness about personal safety. Our self defense weapons are ideal for Realtors, runners, walkers, senior citizens, students and more.

Realtor Safety Awareness

Meeting strangers and being alone with them is central to working as a real estate agent. While threats and attacks against realtors are rare, they do happen. Realtor personal safety is a major factor in how they conduct business. Safety has become a far greater industry-wide priority since the 2014 murder of Arkansas agent Beverly Carter, who was kidnapped and killed by a couple masquerading as buyers. Agents often carry weapons for self-defense, use safety apps on smartphones, and meet clients only in neutral locations to mitigate dangers, industry experts said.

As a Realtor for over 14 years, I know first hand that selling real estate can be a risky business. Dave Legaz, a former New York Police Department sergeant who is now a broker with Keller Williams. Legaz, who teaches agent safety classes, believes that agents are often reluctant to report crimes out of embarrassment. “Agents don’t want to come forward and say that they were sexually assaulted or brushed up against in a weird, awkward way or something like that,” he said. If you don't have a gun you need a defense weapon to ward off a would-be attackers. Don't be a volunteer victim. 

Following are a list of Realtor Safety Tips that could save your life.

Your profile

  • Avoid using photos that display expensive jewelry.
  • Don’t give out your home address.
  • Don’t give out your home phone number.

Private showings/open houses

  • Let at least one personal contact and your office know where you are at all times.
  • Don’t agree to a private showing unless you’ve already met a client in your office.
  • Have clients complete an information form (name, copy of driver’s license, vehicle information) during open houses and prior to scheduling private showings.
  • Bring a co-worker along.
  • Don’t leave a client in your blind spot. Let the client proceed in front of you during a private showing.
  • Drive through the neighborhood prior to a private showing or open house. Be on the lookout for safety concerns.
  • Identify each of a home’s exits prior to a showing or open house. Keep exit doors unlocked.
  • Take a self-defense class.
  • Don’t allow a client to ride in your car unless you know them well.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry.
  • Leave your purse in the trunk of your car.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Buy a personal security app for your cell phone, and always keep your cell phone in your hands.
  • Be ready to defend yourself. Travel with pepper-spray.
  • Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, remove yourself from the situation.

Don’t worry about offending a client. Your safety is paramount.

Tips Source Presented By Samantha Reeves

A licensed real estate agent and former loan originator and attorney, Samantha has insider experience dealing with VA loans, from initial application and contracts to loan funding.

Nearly 300,000 people follow her Veteran Friendly Real Estate Agents community on Facebook.

Causes We Support:

Personal Self Defense Awareness Month

National Safety Month

Realtor safety awareness Month

  • Self Defense Safety Awareness
  • Self Defense Education
  • Self Defense Training
  • Community Cause-related Walks and Races
  • Shop For A Cause A portion of the proceeds from the net sales of our products is donated to a variety of charitable organizations. So when you purchase from us, you’ll be changing lives too.